Friday, 6 January 2012

The Reason Why I Am Not Earning

 The Reason Why I Am Not Earning

Author : Jo Potocki

Okay, so you're categorizing and rating and making those ad credits. You're putting up blog posts and you're choosing good search terms to match and you're putting up ads for all your posts. Some you're funding, some you're letting Knowledge Investor fund.
And you're still not making money on FanBox like you want to be.

You cannot figure out what's missing from the equation.
Wanna know what it is?
It's the element of YOU!

Think about it. Why should someone come read your post on stereo instructions or training a dog or how to keep your relationship hot if they don't "know" you or trust you? Learn to interact with your visitors and let them know who you are. It's the biggest thing you can do towards building trust and creating a mini-blogging world within FanBox. People will visit your regularly and look forward to your posts.

It takes no effort to be yourself.
First of all, ditch the avatar of Johnny Depp or some exotic hottie you've been using. If you don't want your mug on FanBox, fair enough - use an avatar that means something to you, in fact it wouldn't be a bad idea to do a blog post about why you use the avatar you do. So when people see you around the site, they can recognize you and see you're not hiding behind some fake image, you're actually sharing something of yourself. You love of animals may make you use an avatar of your favorite pet or maybe you're new in love you want to use a rose or a heart to shout it to the world.

Next, interact with the people interacting on your blogs.
Many people think if you go to your Profile page, you will see all the comments people have left on your posts. But that's not how it is. Your profile is what you've been doing on FanBox.
Here's how to know who is commenting on your posts.

Go to your Home Page, where your NewsFeed is.

Then, uncheck Fans, uncheck Friends and click "Go".

The page will reload with the posts you have published that have comments. Take the time to go through and thank people for commenting, comment back or answer questions. That's interacting.
Do this daily and you'll start seeing who your regular visitors are and you'll also be building your own blogging community. These people took the time to comment to you, give them snaps back and let them know you appreciate it or if you have a comment or answer to make - do it. It creates an active dialogue.

When you're ready to jump back into the NewsFeed with all of FanBox again; check Fans, check Friends and reload the page.

Now, get out there and start carving out your own blogging community on FanBox!
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